The family grimoire is filled with ancient spells that Ariel tries to translate into understanding rather often; the pages are endless as any of the coven's books are and so, as he learns and grows new tricks, the pages fill with texts and knowledge. When he understands the whole book, his lock on the Banished Book undoes itself for the coven to learn the darker arts.

His mirrors are his only personal objects left outside his bedroom, beside his cauldrons and jars. They act as communication ports to other covens and quick teleport places, allowing him to get anyone to and from anywhere there's a reflection. His bedroom catches the light of day like water, which means it moves through hues of colors on the wall to help with peace, serenity and his bed is hexed so if you lay in it inactively for more than a few minutes, you pass out.

All water witches in Ariel's bloodline eventually decay mentally. Whether with ADHD, Dimentia or simple fractures of personality, the endless movement of water and spirit eventually cracks them. It's believed by them for their long lives that there is a haunted spot inside of all the astral realms, a creature that feeds on the magic of them; they call it wakthíole. finding and defeating wakthíole would free all the living members of the bloodline from this curse.

On that note, all of Ariel's bloodline witches have always been the most capable with mixology. While potions are difficult to grasp even once an Earth witch helps to teach and guide, mixing cocktails, alcohol and poisons is actually rather simple. Their gift of cauldrons transfers into cups and containers which means Ariel only makes the very best mixed drinks without even really trying or understanding the complexity of flavor developments. He wants to become a sommelier one day, though, to really learn.

Different music fits different vibes of magic, of course, but Ariel is also just an avid listener. It focuses him easier, like his morning and evening yoga sessions, and helps him keep centered even in the bad weather months. His favorite artists include: Bibi Bourelly, Moby and Banks. He has a kind of weakness for boys who play instruments, too, which has been kind of shit but hey, you live and you learn, right? Of course.

Keeps two ritual pieces that he never uses, just holds onto: a flute his Lakota grandmother gave him and a dreamcatcher his Cherokee grandfather gave him. Neither of these has natural magic within them but they're still important to Ariel, keeping him connected to two thin parts of his history and heritage.

While he does not have his own car, his family did give him one of the old houseboats tied into the family restaurants. Ariel is constantly trying to upgrade it and make it fancier but, hey, the old rig does its job, getting him out sailing, fishing and with privacy when the house is just a little too much.

His mutt nature is pretty much part of the family run of things — they pretty much only ever end up forming lasting relationships with fellow mutts and so everything is watered down, though each drop has importance. From his mother, Ariel has blood linked back to Ireland, Nigeria and scatters of Cherokee tribes; his father gives him Lakota, Mojave and Jamaican heritage.

On the first of each month, both water and earth suffer the full cycle of a woman for a day; it's Hell, really, and never ges easier. The first week of every winter, Ariel becomes a woman in full without being able to control shifting back. It's a bit obnoxious but nothing can be done, as a receptical for the feminine energies of the universe.